The world of travel is full of possibilities.  Travelers are faced with many choices, and this site will attempt to aid them in making the right one.  The news section of this site gives the latest information that is relevant to various types of travelers.  Our blog will bring travelers up-to-date on everything they need to know about travel-related topics.

Compared to any other blog, what is different about it is that it considers travelers’ personal preferences, and it recognizes that many different types of travelers will appreciate various news and information, depending on their inclinations.  It also recognizes the fact that a traveler cannot be categorized into merely just one “niche”.  A business traveler may also be equally interested in news that is meant for the foodie traveler, or a family-oriented vacationer may also want to check out news meant for the adventure and thrill seeker.

Writers will not only get from the latest travel magazines and printed and online publications, but will also gather first-hand information from actual travelers.  We will scour contributing writers from all over the globe to bring travel information from the people who actually experienced them.

Here are some interesting and relevant news items that you can expect per travel category:

For adventure and thrill seekers, expect news from well-known and not-so famous adventure hot-spots.  All sorts of adventures are covered – from swimming with sharks in Gladden Spit, Belize to jumping from the Ledge Urban Bungee in Queens town, New Zealand.  Readers will also get travel news from extreme places such as the Arctic and the hottest recorded place on earth, the Lieut desert of Iran.

For travelers looking for a quiet tryst with their partners, there will be constant updates on luxury love nests, deals on secluded island getaways and many other romance travel news.

Business travelers will be informed on up-and-coming conferences, best airline discounts and meeting places, among other corporate travel news.

Family-oriented travelers will appreciate news on newly built theme parks and latest kiddie attractions, safety measures while on the road, and family vacation ideas suited for different types of budgets.  We will also be on the lookout for child-friendly hotels and restaurants.

Retired people who want to see the world will get news on the best retirement travel deals, traveling safely and other practical tips. A hot new trend nowadays which the blog will be on the lookout for is the option of retirement spent on a cruise ship.

Nowadays, ‘culinary travel’ is becoming more and more popular.  This is partly brought about by celebrity chefs broadcasting their food trips to the exposure of people to world cuisines.The site will feature news on the latest food and wine tours, schedules of cooking vacations and culinary shows.  Even non-foodies will appreciate articles on the Best Food Market in the World, Annual Food and Wine Expos, and Culinary Excursions.

Nature lovers will appreciate our various lists of top beach and mountain destinations around the world. The blog will also highlight various activities, which include conservation challenges, wildlife safari, hiking, trekking and diving adventures.  Popular and up-and-coming destinations will be featured.  Be enthralled with news from Africa, the South Pacific, the Gobi Desert and Asian Islands and Jungles, and South American Rain forests.

The blog will highlight diverse places around the world, and will ensure that almost all continents are represented, providing a comprehensive view of the world at large and giving the world traveler more choices.