The way you travel is a reflection of who you are.  This travel blog recognizes the fact that as each person in this world is unique, so are their travel preferences.  Their destinations, itineraries and accommodation choices are all varied and diverse.  This blog allows each individual to choose a specific destination and lists down all the different options that a certain place has to offer.  Each place, after all, offers something distinct for each type of traveler.

There are also travel tips and lists of suggested destinations for each type of traveler.  The adventure and thrill seeker, the romance seeker, the family-oriented vacationer, the foodie, the luxury traveler, the budget traveler, the mountain hiker, the beach bum – there are so many different kinds of travelers. All you have to do is to follow our blog to check out the article that’s most suited to your travel style and need.

One more unique thing about this blog is that it takes the traveler’s opinions into consideration.  Reviews and comments are most welcome.  The goal is to create a community of like-minded travelers who share the best things that a certain destination has to offer, and give their unabashed opinion on their experiences.  They are also encouraged to share their not-so-pleasant travel experiences in the “Be Warned Section”.  But rather than merely tales of woe, this site aims to strike a balance by giving tips on how to counter the negative experience.  It doesn’t tell other travelers not to try out a certain place, attraction, restaurant or hotel just because of the terrible opinion of others.  What it does is to give tips on how to avoid dreadful things from happening given the same situation.  After all, choice is a great thing to have while travelling.

Speaking of choice, other distinct features of this blog are the choices given for each destination.  For example, given a certain place, the reader has a choice between ‘luxury travel’, ‘mid-budget travel’ or ‘budget travel’.  The reader can even pick from each budget choice and decide which item to splurge on or to scrimp on.

Aside from travel destinations, hotels and itineraries, the blog also features a “Getting There” section, where possible means of transportation are discussed.  There are also practical suggestions and links on airline, bus and train schedules, ticketing information and other practical tips.

In “Globetrotter News”, readers will be updated on latest potshots and travel trends.  It will cover various news items for every type of traveler.  For instance, a beach bum party traveler will appreciate news on where the latest all-night beach party or yacht party will be.  A family-oriented traveler will appreciate news on travel safety instigated in theme parks, while a foodie traveler will appreciate an article on the hottest restaurants. There’s no stopping a family-oriented traveler to read an article meant for the foodie, though. After all, an individual may have varied interests and personas.

“Travel Stuff” talks about practical things that matter most while traveling.  From something as seemingly trivial as having the right luggage to important stuff like bank transfers and financial transactions, we have it all covered in this section.

Most travel blogs are very specialized and specific.  This site has something for everyone.  As it recognizes different types of travelers, it also recognizes that an individual may have different preferences as well.  It lets you exercise that freedom – to travel your own unique way.  There are many travel blogs on the internet but in this site, following our blog is almost as good as going to your destination.  Well, ‘almost’.